Nov 28 2016

Cock Curious Fantasies With Deviant Deena

Tell me something, dear. How long have you been harboring these secret fantasies of yours?

Now, don’t try to play all innocent and confused. You know exactly what I’m talking about, and it’ll save us a lot of time here if you’re just honest with me. I know you’ve been fantasizing about cock for a while, so go ahead and own up to it.

For years, hmm? I bet you pushed them to the back of your mind, hoping they’d go away. Then, when they didn’t–and, in fact, got stronger–you finally just gave in and let them flow freely of their own accord. Isn’t that right?

But even with all that, I bet you never expected your desire to play with a mature shemale would come true, did you? Lucky, lucky you…it has come true.

I’m Deviant Deena, and I’m here to breathe all your fantasies into life. I’m the walking, talking culmination of everything you’ve ever dreamed about, so let’s not waste our time talking about things that aren’t important. Let’s get down to the important business of making these fantasies of yours a reality.

Call me now for the fetish phone sex fantasy of your dreams.

Nov 10 2016

BBW Facesitting With Sexy Fun Ruthie

Hey there, BBW phone sex lovers! I’m Ruthie, and I’m going to be the sexy, curvy girl who gives you everything you’ve ever wanted. Won’t that be nice?

In my experience, I’ve found that one of the most common fantasies among BBW lovers and FAs (Fat Admirers) is facesitting. You guys really love having a thick girl like me lower her round ass right down onto your face. It makes you feel submissive if you’re into that kind of thing. And even if you’re not, it’s just a nice feeling to be pinned another a girl’s ass, isn’t it?

Personally, I love facesitting guys. Sometimes, I use the regular facesitting position, so you can lick my pussy to your heart’s content. Other times, I turn around and ride your face in the reverse position so that you can lick my ass and I can tease your cock with my hands…or tits…or mouth…while you lick.

So given how much we both love it, it stands to reason that you can have as much BBW facesitting as you want when you call me. What are you waiting for? Get that phone and get to dialing!

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