Jun 03 2021

Deena Will Be Your Hot Tranny Girlfriend

Hot Tranny Deviant Deena

Have you ever dreamed of having a girlfriend with a little something extra? Well, guess what, boys? Dreams can sometimes come true. 😉

How so, you ask? Well, with me. I would love to be your phone sex girlfriend, and I think you’ll find that my “something extra” is quite nice indeed.

Come on over and tell me what’s on your mind, sweetheart. Don’t be nervous. You can take as much time as you need. I’ll gladly sit here with you and talk or listen or whatever else you’d like me to do. You’ll find that I’m very good at that kind of thing.

Would you like to talk about your day while I listen? Or would you like to take your very first cocksucking lesson? (I always teach by demonstrating on your cock first.) Or maybe you’d like both, first one and then the other. Anything is fine by me.

Yes, sweetie, I would love to be your tranny phone sex girlfriend. If you’d like that as well, then give me a call. Just dial the number below and ask for me, Deena. I think the two of us can have a great time together!


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May 03 2021

Worship Ebony BBW Carla’s Sexy Body

‘Sup, y’all? This your girl, Carla. How y’all doing today? Good, I hope. I know I’m doing real good, and I’m ready to start the month off right with some domination phone sex. How do y’all boys feel about that?

See, what I’m thinking about is some body worship. I love it when little white boys worship me like the ebony Goddess that I am. It’s only right for you to recognize that I’m a Queen and treat me accordingly.

All you have to do is just approach me with the right amount of respect, and I’ll let you do almost anything you want to show me how much you love my body. Please notice that I said “almost anything.” As long as it’s worshipful, that’s fine, but don’t even think about putting your tiny white dick anywhere near me. That is just NOT gonna happen.

But what might happen is some foot and leg worship or some ass worship or even some face sitting if you get real lucky. What better way to show you what a Queen I am than by queening you, right?

Do y’all think y’all can handle it? If you do, you can always give me a call. I’m available most of the time, but if I’m not, you can always talk to one of my sexy-ass friends. Just dial the number below and ask for your black BBW Goddess Carla.

Talk to y’all soon.


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