May 10 2020

Ravena loves small cock . . . to laugh at!

Ravena Small Dick Humiliation PATHETIC! That’s what you are. I need a big cock. A fat cock. Not some worthless little worm like you have between your legs. Or do you have something that more resembles a little button? Gross. Lol, You really should be ashamed, you know. Do you know why I love small cock humiliation so much? Because I get to tell you exactly what I think, and I get to contribute to the world of idiot men realizing that size DOES matter. Anyone who tells you differently is lying or has a tiny pussy. Yes, even if your wife tells you that you’re sufficient she is lying. She must either love you a whole lot or she is getting real dick on the side. . . . Or both! haha.

I’m sorry to say, but having a small dick makes you less of a man. It makes you a wallet for me. It makes you VERY unsatisfying. I mean seriously, if I can finger myself better than you can fuck me, why the fuck should I bother with you? You need to hear this. In fact, you want to hear this. You’ve known it was true and thank goodness you’ve developed a taste for small cock humiliation because then at least you can satisfy the bitch in me by listening to me degrade and shame you. It is so much fun for me, so call me now “little” man to serve your minuscule purpose.


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Apr 14 2020

Breathless Whispers is Celebrating 15 years!

Breathless Whispers 15th Anniversary

We know a little something about excitement around these parts, but this is a new level of excitement! Breathless Whispers is proud to celebrate our 15th anniversary on April 14th!

That’s right — 15 years of cock teasing, come swallowing, body worship, face sitting, dirty secrets, and laughter.

Thousands of orgasms delayed or denied… and so many more granted and given with joyful pleasure. We’ve sighed and moaned as we peeled off our slinky little panties for orgasms of our own.

We’ve wrapped sissy dolls, cuckolds, diaper boys, mommy’s little sweethearts, cocksuckers and all manners of sexy submissive sluts around our fingers.

We’ve also been the sultry playmates or playthings of more manly men, confessing our own deepest desires and giving into them with luscious abandon.

We’ve been babysitters, aunties, Daddy’s girls, bosses, policewomen, burglars, sisters, cheerleaders, teachers, neighbors, aliens, androids, vampire slayers, brides (both blushing and wanton) and very, very slutty wives.

We’ve woven intricate stories, leapt into improvised role plays and, sometimes, just opened up and let long-held secrets come tumbling out.

We have had so much *fun* sharing desires and exploring kinks with you. The connections we’ve made, the bonds we’ve formed, and the sheer delight we take in each other’s company have made the last 15 years a special journey for us.

As the owner of Breathless Whispers/Hourglass Group, and often the one playing matchmaker for you and our ladies, I want to tell you that the adoration goes two ways. Something magical happens when the right pair gets matched up. Each one of my ladies has shared stories with me of the wonderful impact you fellows have had on her. Thank you for all the love and lust you have lavished on us and let us lavish on you!

Here’s to another 15 sticky years together. We could not do it without you!

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