Jul 28 2016

Mature Tranny Maxi Makes Your Fantasies Come True

Mature Shemale Maxi

Hello there, gentlemen. This is Maxi, the sexy mature shemale whom you will undoubtedly not be able to resist.

You see, I’m the kind of open-minded lady that every man dreams about. It’s pretty rare to find someone like me, who’s willing to try pretty much anything two or three times to make sure I like it. And not only that, but also there’s the fact that I do tend to really like whatever I try…

As it turns out, I’ve been a fair number of places and have done a fair number of things with a fair number of people, male, female, and everything in between. I have a huge list of things I like, and my list of things I don’t like is so small as to be practically non-existent. Oh, and it also doesn’t hurt that I’m downright nympho-maniacal most of the time.

But I don’t simply pursue my own pleasure at the cost of my partner’s. I prefer for us to discuss the situation and come up with something that’s mutually enjoyable. Most people get at least some pleasure from knowing that their partner is enjoying things, and I’m no different.

So if you’ve got a fetish phone sex fantasy you’d like to try out with a hot, mature shemale like me, I’ll be glad to make it happen for you. Just give me a call.

1-866-660-COCK (1-866-660-2625)

Jul 10 2016

Sex Ed With Head Mistress Nicolette

Head Mistress Nicolette

Have you ever fantasized about a hot teacher? Oh, I’m sure you have. I think every man has at least once in his life. In fact, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if hot teacher fantasies weren’t at the beginning of many a man’s domination phone sex fantasies.

But that’s perfectly all right with me. I’m certainly not complaining, at all.

To tell you the truth, I’m more than happy to be the hot teacher of your fantasies. It gives me a chance to impart some of my own sexual knowledge to the younger generation. Head Mistress Nicolette’s Sex Ed class, as it were.

I must warn you, however. I can be rather strict with my students. I believe in discipline and a firm hand, as I believe that both are very conducive to learning. It also doesn’t hurt that many of you are sluts for a good spanking, either. I couldn’t even begin to guess how many of you have begged me to turn your little behinds pink with my hand. I’m not sure if it’s the pain mixed with the pleasure that you like so much or the feeling of your hard erection pressing against my nylon-clad legs when I put you over my knee (or both), but I find that my over-the-knee spankings are very popular with my “students.”

Would you like a little Teacher/student roleplay phone sex with Head Mistress Nicolette? Excellent. All you have to to get it is pick up your phone and dial the number below. Be sure to ask for me personally, my dear.

1-877-SISSY10 (1-877-747-7910)

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