May 07 2019

Feminization Fun with Shemale Wynona

Tranny Goddess Wynona Are you a sissy who’s hoping to take his feminization a step farther? Well, I have a great idea–let me help you out!

Who better than a shemale phone sex girl to help you with that, after all?

One of my favorite parts of helping a sissy during his transition is teaching him all about makeup–how to choose what will look best on him, how to wear it, how to accent his best features, and so on. I love makeup, and I love sharing my tricks with others.

But before we do that, we’ll need to pick some out for you, which is why I’m going to take you to a makeup counter. Sure, I could help you choose something without trying it on, but what’s the fun in that? Getting a makeover is exciting, and you’ll get to see what each thing will look like on your face before you buy it. It’s a win/win situation.

Once we choose a huge palette of stuff for you to bring home, I’ll work with you afterward to teach you how to do all of it yourself. You’ll be looking beautiful in no time!

So if you want to learn more about makeup and how to use it, give me a call!

Wynona {Shemale}
1-877-PANTY10 (1-877-726-8910)

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Apr 12 2019

Panty Boy Humiliation with Femdom Mistress Evelyn

Mistress Evelyn Looking for Losers Well, well, well. What have we here? It’s a little slut who thinks his Femdom Mistress wasn’t smart enough to find out that he’s been digging around in her panty drawer and dressing up while she wasn’t around.

But you should know better than that by now. After all, haven’t I shown you so many times before that you can slip nothing by me?

That’s all right, though. I have plans for boys like you who think they can one-up me. It’s a plan that involves quite a bit of humiliation. *Laughs*

Luckily, some of my friends are on their way over as we speak, so we’ll get to do this ASAP. Oh, you might as well leave those panties on. That’s all you’ll be wearing while you serve us our drinks tonight. Be glad I’m even allowing you that!

And while you run around like a panty boy slut, bringing us things we need and otherwise looking silly for our amusement, we will be telling just exactly what kind of whore you really are.

Sound like fun? Well…maybe not for you, but definitely for me.

Want some? Then call the number below NOW!

Mistress Evelyn

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