Sep 30 2016

Financial Domination Mistress Evelyn Blackmails Losers

I enjoy many aspects of being a Femdom. But if I had to choose one in particular as a favorite, so to speak, I would choose the act of separating idiots from their money.

Financial domination is a noble calling for a Mistress. Men who aren’t capable of making decisions (and therefore who must consult a Mistress) are certainly not capable of taking care of their own money. And if they can’t take care of it, then it’s a waste to let them keep it. If I have to make all their other decisions for them, it’s only fair that I be the one to reap the benefits of that, yes?

Of course, even if it weren’t a noble calling, I wouldn’t care. If a slave has something I want, then I take it. It’s my prerogative as the Mistress. That goes for his money as well. If that’s not what he wants, then perhaps he should’ve thought of that before he signed up for his collar. *Laughs*

There are other ways to fill one’s own coffers at the expense of one’s slaves, however. If they’re reluctant to part with their money willingly–and those slaves do exist, although they’re few and far between–there’s always another way. And it is a way that adore: Blackmail.

Some men like to play on the edge. I like to play with them, carefully extracting all the information I need to weave a black widow’s web around them. Then, when they’re least expecting it, I reveal the net that I’ve captured them in, and they’re forced to pay up to keep their secrets a secret.

Are you interested in this type of phone sex domination? If you are, call me, Mistress Evelyn, and get ready to lose every dime you’ve ever made….

Sep 08 2016

Lingerie Shopping with Capri

Last night, I took a trip down to my favorite lingerie store and treated myself to five new pairs of stockings. I *love* buying stockings and lingerie, and even more, I love the looks I get from men also shopping in the store. They may be off in the magazine section, or checking out the latest pocket pussy, but I can see them stealing furtive glances at me. It’s so cute how they try to be discreet, and fail miserably. They’re always gazing at my legs, encased in some type of stockings, and my knee-high boots. I like to tease them; I’ll walk by slowly, gazing directly into their eyes with a knowing smile on my lips. I may “accidentally” drop one of my items near them, so they will pick it up and try to see what it is before handing it back to me. Maybe it’s sheer, cuban-heel, thigh highs, or perhaps a fishnet body-stocking with the open crotch. I do love strutting around in my body-stockings.

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