Mar 10 2019

Naoko Is A Panty Tease

Hello! I am Naoko, your Asian phone sex girl!

I know lots of you men like being teased by Japanese girls like me. And I like being a cock tease! You boys get very turned on by Naoko.

Lots of you have fetishes, too. A fetish for Japanese schoolgirl’s panties is very popular, even among Japanese men. American men have this fetish, too. I am happy to take the time to show you my panties!

But I will be a tease about it, though. That is what you want, after all, no? Do you like when I bend over in my schoolgirl skirt in front of you so that you see a tiny little flash of my panties? That little flash makes you want them that much more!

But do not worry, panty fetish boys. I will eventually let you touch them. You might even get to have a taste if I think you should. Hmm, maybe I will let you wrap my panties around your cock and jerk off with them. What you think?

See? I love fetishes! Call Naoko now, and we can talk about yours. I know you have one, so just tell me!

Asian Beauty Naoko


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Feb 14 2019

Cuckolding 101 with Cuckoldress Peyton

If you’re a phone sex Mistress, there are all kinds of options open to you as far as what types of subs you can cultivate for your stable. Some ladies prefer to collect all kinds of different subs, while others prefer a certain type.

Personally, I fall somewhere in the middle. I’m open to anyone who interests me, but I do have a soft spot in my heart–and therefore far more in my collection–for cuckolds.

The best thing about having a cuckold, in my opinion, is that I can go right along doing what I already enjoy doing, i.e., fucking men with big cocks, and my cucks get a kick out of it. It’s not that a slave’s enjoyment is my top priority or
anything, but it is nice knowing that I can get to them without even putting any additional effort in!

Also, a well-trained cuckold is a wonder to have at your disposal. He can be a maid, a fluffer boy, a creampie cleanup boy, a sissy, a humiliation prop, a stand-in for me when my bull has worn me out but is still raring to go, and much more.
He can be pretty much anything I want him to be, actually, which is something I can more than appreciate.

Needless to say, my stable is always open to cuckolds who can prove their worth to me. So if you’re one of those cucks who wants to serve your Cuckoldress Peyton, then give me a call.

Cuckold Goddess Peyton

1-877-KINKY 01 (1-877-546-5901)

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