Sep 05 2018

Athena Loves A Small Dick To Laugh At LOL!

PATHETIC! That’s what you are. I need a big cock. A fat cock. Not some worthless little worm like you have between your legs. Or do you have something that more resembles a little button. Gross. lol You really should be ashamed, you know. Do you know why I love small cock humiliation phone sex? Because I get to tell you exactly what I think, and I get to contribute to the world of idiot men realizing that size DOES matter. Anyone who tells you differently is lying or has a tiny pussy. Yes, even if your wife tells you that you’re sufficient she is lying. She must either love you a whole lot or she is getting real dick on the side. . . . Or both! haha.

I’m sorry to say, but having a small dick makes you less of a man. It makes you a wallet to me. It makes you VERY unsatisfying. I mean seriously, if I can finger myself better than you can fuck me, why the fuck should I bother with you? You need to hear this. In fact, you want to hear this. You’ve known it was true and thank goodness you’ve developed a taste for small cock humiliation because then at least you can satisfy the bitch in me by listening to me degrade and shame you. It is so much fun for me, so call me to serve your minuscule purpose.

Fierce and relentless Amazon warrior woman


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Aug 24 2018

Fat Girls Rock! SSBBW Phone Sex with Gwen

SSBBW Gwen You know you’ve always wondered what it would feel like to be with a passionate plump girl like me!

With BBW Phonesex it’s our little secret. Your buddies will never know that you want to ram that cock deep into the folds of my fat pussy. You can indulge yourself with my mounds of jiggling flesh and feel yourself being enveloped by my VERY voluptuous body. Rolls and rolls of fat to cushion each pump is an experience you won’t want to forget, but you might want to hide. Hide tucked away in my fat ass sweetie!

Let me smother you with LOTSA LOVIN!

I LOVE to play with Fat Worship, Giantess Fantasy, Food Play, Oral Fixation and Feeders phone sex.

I’m an SSBBW (Super-Sized Big Beautiful Woman) and my dear, once you go FAT you’ll never go back! YUMMY ,Yummy!

1-888-PLUMP-79 (758-6779)

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