Apr 05 2018

Tease & Denial with Astrid: “I’m a little Cock Tease”

You silly willy little pervert!   I can’t believe you thought you’d have a chance with me!  hahaha!!!

My favorite thing is tease and denial phone sex, and I’m sooooo good at it.  I’ll even taunt you.   I’ll make sure you can taste and smell my deliciousness from my finger after forcing you to watch me rub my sweet little pussy.   You’ll have a big fat throbbing boner and I won’t even let you stroke it!

I’ll always dress in the cutest, flirtiest outfits and make sure I have your best friend’s attention too!   You’ll be so jealous and horny for me, and that’s when I have you where I want you!   Right where you’ll buy me whatever I want and take me wherever I want to go!   All with the hopes that I might finally let you get into my panties.   In your DREAMS Mr!

I also really LOVE a ruined orgasm.  Just as your cock is about to EXPLODE I’ll order you to squeeze it off!   Pinch it!   Don’t you dare cum!!   Oh and it will hurt so very good.   While your balls are swelling and your dick is aching, I’ll laugh and giggle at your predicament.   It’s just so much fun for me to abuse you and listen to you squirm over the phone.

For the best tease and denial / cock tease around make sure you call the best!  Me!!!


Tease and Denial Cock-Tease Astrid

1-877-71 BE BAD (1-877-712-3223)

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Apr 05 2018

New Neighbors and The Seeds of Sexual Obsession

Hot MILF Next Door Kimberly

I love getting new neighbors.

The entire process is filled with highlights and milestones, but there is nothing like the beginning, the first meeting.   A flash of panic on the wife’s face and you can see the sense of foreboding settle around her like a cloud.  Perhaps she turns to her husband with a scowl to stem his widening eyes and jopped draw.  Or maybe she studiously avoids looking at him, trying to will his inevitable arousal away by ignoring it.

He, naturally, is mesmerized and there is always an initial period where he forgets to conceal that inconvenient truth.  He may have a vague sense that things are changing, but even the strength of that first powerful hard on doesn’t clue him in on exactly what is happening.  He doesn’t know yet how many times he’ll scurry out of the house to walk the dog in a desperate attempt to catch a glimpse of me. 

Or how he’ll encourage his wife to go out for a ladies night so he can plot an encounter of a more sustained sort.

It’s like living next to a bakery and subsisting on a diet of tofu and rice cakes.  I am the sugar rush he dreams of, his sexual obsession, the embodiment of his every erotic craving.  I know what I do to men.  I revel in it.

By the way, would you like some sugar?
~ Kimberly

1-877-296-FEET (1-877-296-3338)

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