Feb 04 2018

Cuckolds are the REAL sluts!

Cuckold Mistress Regina

Now, I’ve been called a slut-wife a time or two.   In fact, it gets me all wet when I think about all the extramarital sex I have.   How could it not?   The first rush of excitement when I see some hot young stud from across the room. Of course, I’m wearing my enormous diamond ring given to me by my ever loving husband, so I’m no threat to his young and wild appetite.  

I want the same thing this young hottie wants.   Sex.   Raw fucking.   None of the bullshit that comes with relationships.   I have my husband for that.   He buys me the pretty things.   He keeps me in the comfortable lifestyle I desire.   He showers me with love and attention.   I don’t need to search elsewhere for any of those things, but what I have found I need to search for is one hot fuck after another.   I don’t care if it’s black cock, white cock, sometimes even a little tiny cock.   Depends on my mood and if I want to be pounded or just play that night.   But you want to know the one constant in all of this?   The one thing that never changes?   My cuckold husband!   He’s the REAL slut!

I can see the hunger in his eyes as he anticipates my choosing a new sex partner for the evening.   His wonder as to whether my sexy fuck toy for the night will be down for letting him watch, or if he’ll have to spend the evening quietly spying on us from the bedroom closet!   He’s on the verge of blowing his load all night long, and he’s been very well trained to wait until everyone else is finished and he’s done his cleaning.   I love to watch the agony on his face while his balls tighten and he must once again hold back his orgasm.   The ecstasy on his face as he bends low to get that first whiff of my milky cum filled cream-pie is enough to get me ready for round two!

That’s right boys.   YOU are the real sluts.   Your little stiff pecker brought you sniffing around this phone sex blog and now you’re all ready to see your wife get fucked like she should be by a man who is decidedly not you.   Call me up and we’ll play it out in a phone sex fantasy tailored to fit your particular hunger and situation.  

My name is Regina, and I am a cuckold queen!   Come see for yourself.

1-888-5-Sinful (574-6385)

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