Aug 10 2017

Introducing Breathless Whispers Nick!

Gentlemen, your wish is our command. We are pleased to introduce you to two hot sexy phone sex men (Nick and Blake) who are now part of our Hourglass Group LTD dba Breathless Whispers team. First up today is Nick. Nick is chock-full of nasty real-life stories to share with you and full of cum to shoot in the orifice of your choice. He will dress you sissy boys up, apply the most beautiful makeup you’ve ever seen, and take you out on the town. Nick will help you find the biggest, hardest black cocks to devour in the back room of the clubs you two go to together to party. If you’re on the down low, you can check Nick out at the gym, watch him lather up in the shower, and do some dirty deeds together when everyone else leaves. Nick knows your phone sex fantasy, and he knows just what you need to explode. Call him and let him take over your body. No one will know but the two of you. And, as Nick says, that’s just the way it should be.

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