Dec 10 2017

Mistress Evelyn is looking for pathetic losers

Mistress Evelyn Looking for Losers

Lately I’ve been feeling extra abusive. Perhaps it’s therapeutic for me to be horribly mean to my phone sex slaves. I don’t know, but I like it. For now, if you want to speak to me, be ready for some seriously wicked treatment. It’s not often that you’d hear this kind of talk, but pathetic losers only need apply. That is, of course, pathetic losers with a healthy credit card. I’m mean, not stupid.

Right now I really want to give a tongue lashing. The more ridiculous you are the better. That way I can really rub your nose in all of your shortcomings and make you my money pig. I love to feel wicked.

Let me make something perfectly clear, boys. I don’t need or want you to make me cum. GROSS! I wouldn’t let you get near enough to me to touch me! I’m not a moaning phone sex slut. I am your worst nightmare, and if that sort of thing turns you on then you’re in luck! Because I will make you cringe at the extent I’m willing to go to verbally abuse you! When I finish a humiliation phone sex call I am relaxed, happy, and counting my money, lol!

So what are you waiting for, a written invitation? Well consider this it and call NOW, ask for Mistress Evelyn.
I won’t wait long.

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