Mar 10 2019

Naoko Is A Panty Tease

Hello! I am Naoko, your Asian phone sex girl!

I know lots of you men like being teased by Japanese girls like me. And I like being a cock tease! You boys get very turned on by Naoko.

Lots of you have fetishes, too. A fetish for Japanese schoolgirl’s panties is very popular, even among Japanese men. American men have this fetish, too. I am happy to take the time to show you my panties!

But I will be a tease about it, though. That is what you want, after all, no? Do you like when I bend over in my schoolgirl skirt in front of you so that you see a tiny little flash of my panties? That little flash makes you want them that much more!

But do not worry, panty fetish boys. I will eventually let you touch them. You might even get to have a taste if I think you should. Hmm, maybe I will let you wrap my panties around your cock and jerk off with them. What you think?

See? I love fetishes! Call Naoko now, and we can talk about yours. I know you have one, so just tell me!

Asian Beauty Naoko


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