Jun 03 2018

Explore Your Bi-curious Fantasies with Jamie

Hey there, guys!   My name’s Jamie, and I think the two of us have something in common.  Yep, I’m talking about our mutual interest in COCK! 

I know, I know. Yours is a big secret that you don’t want anyone else to know.  Well, don’t worry.  I won’t tell.  But I definitely wanna swap stories with you. . . and maybe more.

I know that a lot of men who have bi-curious fantasies like to *think* about sucking cock or whatever, but they’re
not so sure about actually doing it.  And, see, that’s what I wanna help you with, if you’re one of those guys.  I’ve got a huge box full of toys like dildos, vibrators, butt plugs, anal beads, strap-ons, and all kinds of other stuff.  Believe me, you’ll be able to find out in a hurry if you like the idea of a phallic-shaped object in one or more of your holes!

And best of all, you can do it with a bio girl, so you won’t be scared off by a REAL cock.  Don’t you wanna play?  I know I sure do!  

Give me a call at the number below for some really hot phone sex, and we’ll get started.

Bi-curious Fantasy with Jamie

1-877-COCKS-10 (1-877-262-5710)

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May 26 2018

Dirty Roleplays with Mature Secretary Angela

Mature MILF Angela

Hey there, guys.   It’s your favorite mature phone sex lady, Angela.  How are you boys doing today?  I hope you’re in the mood for something naughty and nasty because I certainly am.

Like what, you ask?  Oh, I was thinking about some sort of sexy role-play.  What do you think?  Does that sound like something that’s right up your alley?

My personal favorite role-play is boss/secretary.  I often find myself acting as a secretary for my younger boss who just so happens to have a thing for older women.  But just as often, I find myself playing the role of boss to my younger male secretary who has a thing for older women who like being IN CHARGE.  

Either one is just fine with me because it allows me to play with the power differential that’s inherent in any kind of supervisor/subordinate type of situation.

Of course, I’m always open to other role-play ideas.  I’ve been told that I have quite the talent for making even the most outlandish role-play seem very realistic.  😉

If that piques your curiosity, then why not find out for yourself?  Call me, Ms. Angela, role-play extraordinaire, now to experience the fun of role-playing with me!

1-866-WE-PROWL (1-866-937-7695)

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