Dec 05 2018

Do you like it nasty? Alyssa does!

Kinky Dirty Coed Alyssa Howdy boys! It’s me! The dirtiest little phonesex ho you know. 😉 I’ve been really naughty lately with requests from perverts like you calling in for a fantasy phone sex session. I don’t know why, but having a strange older man being a complete pervert over the phone and making me do bad things to my tender body makes my pussy puff right up and drip the most delicious juices!

And those juices? Well, I like to lap them right up like a good puppy should. heehee

Oh, and sticking things into my pussy is so much more fun when some dirty old pervo is telling me exactly what I should insert. Last night I stuck my curling iron up there! It wasn’t on of course, but it was BIG and HARD! FUN!

When I pulled it out there was pussy cum all over it, and my Master made me lick it clean. Of course, I had to stick it as far down my throat as I could.

I really liked when I was told to dp (double penetration) with my two biggest dildos! This sugar daddy got to hear me fucking both of my holes for him, and that kind of pounding makes me scream when I cum!

Or how about forced orgasm? I’ve had to do this many times. Relentless vibration on my swollen clit is sometimes too much to take, but I do what I’m told and I keep it there. You can hear my moans, giggles, laughs, and of course begging and pleading to stop!

What dirty things do you want me to do to myself? I can’t WAIT to find out!


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Nov 26 2018

SPH & Other Humiliation Delights With Samantha

Femdom Mistress Samantha Hello, boys. I’m your mature Femdom Mistress, Samantha. Are you here to get an expert opinion on your little peckers? Because I’m more than willing to give you mine. *Laughs*

We both know without my actually saying it that it’s much too small. If it were a decent size, you wouldn’t be coming to ask me about it, would you? It’s only men who know it’s too small who ask women if they think it’s big enough. So in that respect, small penis humiliation with men like you is similar to shooting fish in a barrel…but that doesn’t mean I don’t still enjoy it.

Actually, I think the fact that it’s so easy makes me love it even more. It means I hardly have to exert any effort at all to humiliate you to your core. It’s delightful, isn’t it?

Of course, SPH is only the beginning of your humiliation experience with me. I plan on pulling all your insecurities and skeletons out of your closet and making them dance for my amusement. There’s no point in playing if you don’t have the balls to go all out with it, after all.

Are you ready to experience REAL humiliation at the hands of an experienced Femdom? Of course you are. Then, pick up your phone and call me right now.

Mistress Samantha
1-877-KINKY-01 (1-877-546-5901)

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