Sep 05 2014

Giantess Fetish PhoneSex with Toni

Giantess Toni

Would you like a drink?    I have something extra special I make for men like you.   I promise you won’t be sorry!   I just happen to have a tasty concoction already prepared for our date tonight.   Mmmmmm drink up!   That’s right. Isn’t it tasty? Very good.   Now that you’re all finished I might as well tell you what’s in store for you now.   You see, there was an extra ingredient in that special drink.

My very own shrinking potion!

That’s right! Soon you’ll be my own tiny little man pet!

I just love Giantess and tiny man phone sex roleplay!   It truly puts me at Goddess status which is where I should be,   and when I’ve brainwashed you into knowing that you’re my little pocket-sized boy toy you’ll have no choice but to do exactly as you’re told.    Or you may find yourself setting up house squeezed tightly inside my ass cheeks.    Of course, you may end up there even if you behave. *wink*

Call me, Toni, right away to be transported into a fantasy land where you are my tiny pet and I your Giant Goddess. With phone sex, the only limit is our imagination!
1-888-8-FREAKS (1-888-837-3257)

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Aug 29 2014

Eat Your Cum for Miss Alyssa

Hot Teen Miss Alyssa

Hiya, boys. This is Alyssa, your teen phone sex hottie.

Let me tell you a little something about myself. I’m a spoiled Princess who’s totally used to having everything she wants. So if you wanna play with me? You’re gonna have to do it MY way. Got it? Super!

Now, I should probably point out that I’m really, really good at tease and denial. It’s, like, one of my favorite things in the whole world to do to guys. I mean, sure I fuck some dudes, but it’s only the ones who measure up to my very high standards. And chances are? You’re not one of those dudes.

We both know that you’ve got a teeny-tiny little dick, so, really, the best you can hope for is some T&D. You should be grateful that I’m even giving you any attention at all. So, yeah, you’ll most likely not be able to cum, but just be glad someone’s bothering to play with you at all.

Although…there is ONE way I might let you cum. I mean, if I’m in the mood, that is. If I decide I want to see you eat your own cum for me like a dirty little slut, I’ll let you have your orgasm. Don’t think you’ll worm out of the cum eating at the end, though. I’ve got ways of making you do EXACTLY what I want. And if what I want is to watch you lick up every drop of your cum, you’d better be ready to guzzle it down for me.

Wanna try your luck with me? Get your phone and give me a call, then!

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