Nov 03 2013

Hot Babysitter Roleplays with Coed Trista

Bratty Coed Princess Trista

Hiya, boys!   What’s up?   Well, besides your dicks, I mean.  *wink wink*

Do you like sexy role-playing?   I bet you do.   And you know what?  Once you try it with me, you’ll like it even more. 😉

I’m awesome at teasing guys until they absolutely can’t take it anymore.   I’m even more awesome at making them cum super-hard after I’m finished toying with them.   Well, at least if I think they measure up, that is.   But role playing can help me figure that out, too.

One of my favorites is babysitter phone sex.  I make a fantastic teasing babysitter.  I know how to get you all worked up before you leave the house so that you spend the whole night thinking about me and your hard dick.  Then, when you get home, I’ll seduce you after the little ones are in bed.  If I think your cock is big enough for me, I’ll climb on top and ride you until we’re both exhausted.   If not, though…  Well, I’ll wait on telling you what happens then.   I can’t give away all my secrets, after all.

So what are you waiting for?   Grab that phone and give me, Trista, a call right now!!!!
1-866-660-HOTT (1-866-660-4688)

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Oct 26 2013

Busty Mary Jane Loves Breast Men

Busty Mary Jane Loves Breast Men

Hello there.   Allow me to introduce myself.   My name is Mary Jane.   As you can see, I’m a hot coed with a very impressive pair of breasts.   Don’t you agree?

I hope you do because there’s nothing I enjoy more than lying back and letting a man lavish attention all over them. It feels marvelous, and men seem to enjoy it quite a bit, too.   That’s why big tit phone sex is so popular, I suspect. 😉

It doesn’t matter to me what you want to do to them.   Like breast worship?  Then, please, be my guest.  Enjoy lactation fantasies?   I’m more than happy to oblige you.   Want a beautiful young woman for titty-fucking and facials?   Well, my dear, you’ve come to the right place.

Truly, no matter what kind of fantasy you have about breasts, I can help you with it.   I’ll even shrink you down to the size of a pencil and squeeze you between them if that’s your thing.   Shrinking fetish fantasies are a lot more common than most people would imagine, after all.

What kind of big tit fantasies do you have, darling?   I want to hear them all.   And if you’re interested, perhaps I will share some of my own fantasies as well.   If we put our heads together, there’s no telling what kind of dirty, fulfilling phone fantasies we can come up with!

Talk to you soon.
1-888-8-FREAKS (1-888-837-3257)

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