Oct 08 2013

Miss Isabella Loves Feminization

Hello there, my dears.   This is Miss Isabella, and I’m very pleased to meet you.   Tell me something.   Have you ever had secret fantasies about wearing panties?  Or perhaps more than just panties alone?

If so, I want to talk to you.

First of all, you should know that you’re hardly alone in these kinds of desires.  Plenty of men dream about feminization fantasies.  You’re just one of those who’s brave enough to admit it.

No, I don’t mean that you’ll be standing up and shouting it from the metaphorical rooftop.  Just in admitting your desires to yourself and to me, you’ve gone farther than, say, 90% of the men out there.   It’s good that you’re not suppressing these fantasies of yours, and it’s even better that you’ve come to me to confess.   I have plenty of experience in matters like these.

If you would like to explore your sissy phone sex desires, I’ll be more than happy to help you.  

We’ll go slowly at first–some panties and perhaps some stockings or something similar.   Then we can go farther in subsequent sessions if you like, or we can stick with the simplest things.   It’s all in what you feel comfortable with.

Give me a call, my dear, and I’ll make those fantasies come true….

1-866-660-HOTT (1-866-660-4688)

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Sep 27 2013

Have A Quickie with Liz

Seductive Quickie Queen MILF Liz

Some men like long, slow, sensual phone sessions.   Sometimes, I like them, too.  But those types of sessions aren’t the be-all and end-all of phone fun with this mature phone sex lady.

There are lots of ways to enjoy phone sex, just like there are lots of ways to enjoy actual sex.  Some of you do like it long and slow.   Others enjoy it fast, hard, and dirty.   I’m willing to do it either way, but I specialize in the hard, fast, and dirty types of fantasies.  

Not many women are ready to get you off quick to relieve a little stress, are they?   That’s ok, though.   You don’t need other women for this.   You only need me.   😉

I love quickies with men who are appreciative of my abilities.   I can cum quickly when I need to, and I can ensure that you do, too.   All I need is 10 minutes, and you’ll be having an orgasm that’ll make your toes curl and your eyes roll back in your head.

Not only are these types of sessions exciting, but they also have the added benefit of being a cheap phone sex call because they’re rather short.   That part’s nice, too, isn’t it?

Ok, boys, let’s do this thang!   Give me, Quickie Liz, a call right now!

1-866-660-HOTT (1-866-660-4688)

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