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May 03 2021

Worship Ebony BBW Carla’s Sexy Body

‘Sup, y’all? This your girl, Carla. How y’all doing today? Good, I hope. I know I’m doing real good, and I’m ready to start the month off right with some domination phone sex. How do y’all boys feel about that? See, what I’m thinking about is some body worship. I love it when little white …

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Nov 08 2020

The Art of Tease and Denial with Layla

Blue Ball Calls Cocktease Layla

There’s a moment when a request becomes a plea, when eagerness morphs into desperation, when the last remnant of dignity dissolves and you’re just a helpless puddle of need. That’s the sweet spot. That’s the moment I relish, because that’s when you truly become mine. Tease and denial is an art. The young trollops with …

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