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Sep 28 2017

Forced Masturbation without Orgasm (This is what eternity tastes like.)

Here’s my thing:   I’m insatiable. Nymphomaniac, wanton little cock whore, relentless ball wringer — call me what you want.   But I expect multiple orgasms and few men can keep up. So…expect an audition.   I’ll make you stroke for me. Hours of you rubbing and rubbing and holding back while I enjoy orgasm after orgasm.   When …

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Apr 10 2017

Edging Play with Cock Tease Lesley

Orgasm Edging with Lesley

Being the cock tease that I am, it only makes sense that I’d be into orgasm edging, right?  😉 As a matter of fact, I absolutely love it! Sometimes, when I’m masturbating all by my lonesome, I edge myself in order to drag the session out and increase my enjoyment of it.  But, of course, …

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