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Oct 05 2020

Strap-on Sissy boy Training with Fetish Mistress Greta

With Halloween upon us now is the perfect time to live out your crossdressing and sissy-boy fantasies. So why not get in a bit of practice in beforehand so you can be the best little sissy boi you can be? Tell me, did you pull your silky pink panties up nice and tight little sissy …

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Jun 12 2020

Peyton Teaches Sissy Cuckolds to Suck Cock Like a Pro!

It’s your lucky day you poor pathetic little cuckold. I’m going to teach you just how to please your lady! Don’t even try to pretend like you don’t know what I’m talking about. You have an itty bitty teeny weenie and I know for a fact you can’t please her on your own, so I’ve …

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