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Apr 10 2022

Sissy Boy SPH with Tranny Goddess Wynona

Tranny Goddess Wynona

Your little dick is really quite a shame, you know.    It’s a little embarrassing for me to look at.   I mean, I’m embarrassed for you, that is.   You really got the *ahem* short end of the stick there, scooter. It must be particularly humiliating for you, knowing that your cock is smaller than mine. …

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Nov 11 2021

Femdom Mistress Athena Trains Cuckolds

From what I can tell, there are two different types of cuckolds in the world. The most common ones are men who have a voyeurism fetish. They want the whole thing to be about them and what turns them on. The woman has to fuck the kind of man they want to see her fuck, …

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