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Jun 10 2016

Fetish Fantasy Roleplay with Ricki Lynn

Fetish Roleplay Ricki

Hi there big boy.   Do you have a secret fantasy you’ve always wanted to try, but you’re too shy to tell your lady?   Perhaps it’s too naughty and you’re afraid she just wouldn’t understand.  Well, that’s where I come in.   I love role play phone sex and the more detailed the better. …

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Dec 03 2015

Foot & Stocking Fetish with Sensual Sue Ellen

Sensual Busty Sue Ellen

Hi, I’m Sue Ellen! Let’s talk about a couple of fetishes that I know a lot of you are really into.   Of course, I’m talking about foot and stocking fetishes! It’s something that I enjoy a lot, they go hand in hand really that a lot of the foot fetishists of the world have …

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