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Apr 10 2022

Sissy Boy SPH with Tranny Goddess Wynona

Tranny Goddess Wynona

Your little dick is really quite a shame, you know.    It’s a little embarrassing for me to look at.   I mean, I’m embarrassed for you, that is.   You really got the *ahem* short end of the stick there, scooter. It must be particularly humiliating for you, knowing that your cock is smaller than mine. …

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Mar 05 2020

Shemale Maxi March Madness Treat for You!

I know your secret. I know you’re curious about what is under my skirt. And while that sounds normal for a horny guy, your secret is that you are hoping it’s something you can suck on with a bit more substance. For instance, you want real fulFILLment. HaHa I get it! Well, look no further, …

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