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Apr 10 2017

Edging Play with Cock Tease Lesley

Orgasm Edging with Lesley

Being the cock tease that I am, it only makes sense that I’d be into orgasm edging, right?  😉 As a matter of fact, I absolutely love it! Sometimes, when I’m masturbating all by my lonesome, I edge myself in order to drag the session out and increase my enjoyment of it.  But, of course, …

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Nov 10 2014

Auntie Grace Has A Fun Night In Store For You

Auntie Grace

I know all about your dirty little secret. Oh, no, don’t try to deny it.    It’s quite obvious, really.   You can’t hide your lust for your Aunt Grace, so it’s really better not to even try.   Besides, if you confess about all these naughty little fantasies you’ve been having featuring me, I might try …

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