Naughty Fantasies with MILF Nichole

Naughty Fantasies with MILF Nicole

Hey there, boys. My name’s Nichole, and I’m the naughty fantasies MILF you’ve been looking for. I’ve also been looking for a man like you. You look like you’d be a lot of fun to play with. I bet you learn quickly, too. I sure hope so, I do love a fast learner. Lucky for both of us, I’m a VERY good teacher. 😉

I like to take boys like you and turn you into my perfect little boy toys. I’ve got a lot of experience doing it, so you can go from newbie to stud in no time as long as you follow my directions. I’m sure you can do that, though, can’t you?

If you can make me cum hard over and over again, I’ll even be willing to entertain some of your fantasies for you as well.

Do you like to role-play? I know I sure do. Auntie role-plays and other naughty things of that nature are my favorites. What about you? What is your favorite fantasy or fetish?

Oh, don’t keep me waiting, dear. Get your phone and call me right now. The two of us are going to have a wonderful time together exploring our naughty fantasies. I just know it!

1-866-WE PROWL (937-7695)

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All Natural Fetish Freak Hairy Cary

Soft and All Natural Hairy Cary Do you have a hairy fetish? Well I am the equivalent of Phonesex comfort food. Starting from my long flowing hair to full pillowy lips, round ample breasts, curvy tummy and hips and finally reaching the thick bushy pussy pelt between my legs. Making love with me will feel like you’re melting into a warm fluffy cloud of bliss. The scent of a mature woman with full natural pussy hair cannot be matched, and the ache my pheromones will induce in your balls will bring you to the edge of ecstasy and beyond. And there’s nothing sexier to me than my bushy pussy covered in your warm cum. They don’t call me all natural hairy Cary for nothing *wink*

I am an indulgence and I want you to gratify your desires, fetishes and phone fantasies with me. Let me pamper you with my voluptuous curves. Bury your face in my heavy breasts. Taste the sweet musky juices flowing from my hairy pussy. You will grow to crave mature all natural hairy fetish phone time with me. And when you need to feel that intense joy followed by orgasmic release, you’ll know just whom to call!

Hairy Cary
1-888-8-FREAKS (1-888-837-3257)

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