Athena Loves A Small Dick To Laugh At LOL!

PATHETIC! That’s exactly what you are! You are a LOSER! As a woman with a strong sexual desire I need a big cock. A fat cock. Not some worthless little worm like you have between your legs. Or do you have something that more resembles a little button. Gross. LOL! You really should be ashamed, you know. Do you know why I love small dick humiliation phone sex? Because I get to tell you exactly what I think, and I get to contribute to the world of idiot men realizing that size DOES matter! Anyone who tells you differently is lying or has a tiny pussy. Yes, even if your wife tells you that you’re sufficient she IS lying. She must either love you a whole lot or she is getting real dick on the side. . . Or maybe both! ha ha!

I’m sorry to be the one to break it to you boys, but having a small dick makes you way less of a man. What does that make you exactly you ask? It makes you a wallet to me. It makes you VERY unsatisfying. I mean seriously, if I can finger myself better than you can fuck me, why the fuck should I bother with you? Truth hurts doesn’t it? But the truth is you need to hear this. In fact, you WANT to hear this. If your being honest with yourself, and me you’ve known it was true for a while now. And thank goodness you’ve developed a taste for small dick humiliation because then at least you can satisfy the bitch in me by listening to me degrade and shame you. It is so much fun for me, so call me to serve your minuscule purpose.

Small Dick Humiliation with a Fierce Amazon warrior Athena


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