Cuckold Sissy Training with Peyton

It’s your lucky day you poor pathetic little cuckold. I’m going to teach you just how to please your lady! Don’t even try to pretend like you don’t know what I’m talking about. You have an itty-bitty teeny weenie and I know for a fact you can’t please her on your own, so I’ve come up with the perfect way to help you out. Your wife or girlfriend will be SO excited and horny and satisfied by the time I’m finished with you, that you’ll just have to come crawling back for more sissy cuckold phone sex training.

It all starts with the look. I think pink will do!

For now we’ll use what I have in my closet and dresser drawers. A pair of pale pink lacy panties is the first thing. Pull them on all the way up so they’re squeezing that cute little dickie of yours nice and tight. Now turn around so I can see that cute little ass in that lacy thong! Yes, that will do nicely. Now for the silky thigh-high black stockings and garter belt. Point your toes little sissy in training. Just like a ballerina! Very good! Slide those stockings up and snap the garter belt in place. Doesn’t that feel nice?

Next is a cute little dress with a flirty skirt. It has to be nice and short too. After-all, you have to be able to snag a BIG one for your lady love. I’m thinking a black layered chiffon skirt that swings and bounces with your every move will be just the thing. And what’s on the fitted bodice? Pretty pink embroidered flowers right along the scooped neckline of course. As a finishing touch, I have the perfect pair of black stilettos with pink rhinestones all along the back heel seem. Starting to feel sexy yet? I hope so because you have a big job to do here.

After we’ve finished with flawless makeup, long eyelashes, pretty pink fingernail polish and a long silky wig, you’ll be all ready for your assignment. It’s your job to find a REAL man with a nice fat throbbing cock to satisfy your lover.

Don’t be afraid, I’ll help you. We’ll go out and pick the perfect stud to make your wife cream. Perhaps a big hunky black man! Yes, that’s just what your lady needs. Some real man meat for once. She’s going to be so happy with you! Of course, you’re going to have to make sure he has the large package you’re after here. Let’s take him to the back and see what he’s packing shall we?

I’ll teach you just how to fluff that big black cock, so that when you take this wonderful present home to your honey bunny, you’ll be ready to go the extra mile to make it special for her. You’ll have to practice again and again until you get it just right, and once I approve of your performance you can bring him home. That’s when the fun really begins!

So if you’re sick and tired of being such a pathetic little loser, and you want to finally be able to bring sweet satisfaction to your girl, call me. When it comes to cuckold sissy boy training phone sex, I am the best teacher you could find!

Cuckold Sissy Training with Cuckoldress Peyton


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