Cuckolds are the REAL sluts

Mistress Regina loves Cuckolds Welcome, my name is Regina. I am a cuckold queen and I love cuckolds! Today is your lucky day because I am adding more cuckold sluts to my playground this Spring. Read further and see for yourself…

A little about me, you see I have been called a slut-wife a time or two, but stick and stones right? It gets me all wet to think about all of the extramarital sex I have. Of course I am wearing my enormous diamond ring given to me by my loving husband.

What I want is hot sex and downright raw fucking! And what I do not want is any of the bullshit that comes with relationships. I have my husband to fulfill all of those needs. And I absolutely adore my husband. He buys me pretty things, keeps me in a comfortable lifestyle, beautiful house and showers me with love and attention unconditionally. I am perfectly and absolutely content at home.

Reality of it is I am constantly on the search for one hot fuck after another. I don’t care if it’s black cock, white cock, sometimes even a little tiny dick. Depends on my mood and you can already guess which does the pounding and which is just a plaything right? But you want to know the one constant in all of this, the one thing that never changes? My cuckold slut husband.

There is nothing is more thrilling than seeing the hunger building in my husband’s eyes. His wonder as to whether my sexy fuck toy will allow him watch or if he’ll have to spend the evening quietly spying on us from our closet. My cuckold hubby will then spend the night on the verge of blowing his load and has been very well trained to wait until everyone else is finished and he has done his cleaning.

I love to watch the agony on his face while his balls tighten and he must once again hold back his orgasm. The ecstasy on his face as takes in that first whiff of my milky cum filled cream-pie. It is a dream come true for any wife and her cuckold slut husband.

That’s right boys YOU cuckolds are the real sluts. Your little stiff pecker brought you sniffing around this phone sex blog. Call me, let’s talk and we can play it out in a fetish fantasy tailored to fit your particular hunger and situation.

1-888-5-Sinful (574-6385)

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