Erotic Hypnosis with Ms. Vanessa

Erotic Hypnosis with Ms. Vanessa Well, hello there. How are you today? My name is Ms. Vanessa, an erotic hypnosis specialist and I’m looking forward to discussing all your fetish phone sex fantasies with you today. I know that sometimes confessing your deepest, darkest secrets can be a little nerve-wracking and anxiety-inducing. But do not worry, my dear ones. I have a solution to your problem.

You may or may not be aware of a little technique called erotic hypnosis. Now, don’t get the wrong idea. It’s not some sort of mind control where I can “force” you to do something under hypnosis that you wouldn’t do if you were in full control of your faculties. The human mind is not that malleable.

But what I can do is use a progressive relaxation technique to help get rid of any nervousness you might be feeling. When the anxiety goes, it becomes much easier for you talk about your fantasies and live them out with me over the phone. Erotic hypnosis sounds good, doesn’t it?

Let’s get you nice and relaxed and see what comes up, shall we? Maybe there’s something extra-naughty hidden in the secret book of fantasies in your head.

If you’re interested, please give me a call at the number below. I can’t wait to hear what’s on your mind!

1-866-660-HOTT (1-866-660-4688)

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