Erotic Hypnosis with Ms. Vanessa

Erotic Hypnosis Temptress Vanessa I think one of the reasons that men enjoy the power exchange involved in Erotic Hypnosis phone sex is how intense it can make any sexual encounter or experience. Every moment is more fraught with tension (the good kind), and every sensation is heightened. It makes for a better overall experience, particularly for those men inclined toward being submissive, anyway.

And guess what, boys? There are ways to take that intensity to an even higher level if you are so inclined. And I, Ms. Vanessa, will be happy to help you with that. How, you ask? Through the use of erotic hypnosis.

Erotic Hypnosis is a specialty of mine, it is one that I am particularly proud of, given the effect it has on both the person doing the hypnosis (me) and the person being hypnotized (you). Now, I certainly can’t hypnotize you into doing something you wouldn’t do under normal circumstances, it is not mind control. Hypnosis doesn’t work that way. What it can do, though, is relax you, put you at ease, make you feel more submissive, and make your orgasms feel even more intense… if I am inclined to let you cum, that is. 😉

The great thing about erotic hypnosis is that it can go well with any fetish. Sissy boys, cuckolds, cock control fanatics, bi-curious men, and many others can have their fantasy taken to new heights by trying out erotic hypnosis with me.

Would you like to try it for yourself and see what I mean? Give me, Vanessa, a call at the number below to get started. Please keep in mind that you will need to purchase at least a 30-minute session (bare minimum) to get the full erotic hypnosis phone sex experience.

Talk to you soon!

1-877-KINKY-01 (1-877-546-5901)

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