Feminization Training with Strict Mistress Athena

Strict Mistress Athena of FemdomPhoneSexMistresses,com Hello, boys. I am Mistress Athena, a Femdom Goddess who absolutely revels in taking complete and total control over men and of course, that type of control also includes control over your sexuality.

Allow me to explain. I’m not just talking about when and where you can masturbate or if you’re allowed to cum or not. Although those are certainly aspects of it. You see, when you become MY slave, your own opinions about your sexuality cease to matter. What do I care if you believe that you’re straight or bi or gay or what-have-you? It doesn’t mean a thing to me. Nothing.

The way that works is that you will sexually serve anyone I tell you to serve. Be that person a male, a female, or anything else. Sure, you can tell yourself that you’re totally straight while you’re on your knees “sucking cock for Mistress”. But ultimately, it doesn’t matter. You’re doing what I tell you to do, and that is the only thing in this world that matters for a slave–serving his Mistress in whatever way she chooses. No exceptions.

Some of you will do this willingly. Others need to be pushed into a forced bi type of situation where they have no choice in the matter but to clear their minds and do as they’re told. A true slave will find this freeing, whether there is actual “force” involved or not.

You see, ultimately, it is all voluntary. You serve me and obey me because you want to make me happy. Not because I forced you to do anything you did not already want to do. However if you need to tell yourself that you’re doing it because I’m forcing you, then so be it. But we both know the truth. You suck cock for your strict Mistress Athena because you want to do it, not because anyone made you do it.

So… now that that’s out of the way, it’s time for you to give me a call. I look forward to making you be my little bisexual slut.

Mistress Athena
1-877-KINKY-01 (1-877-546-5901)

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