Lesley Gives Masturbation Instruction

Lesley Gives Masturbation Instruction It should be no surprise to you that a hot little prick tease like me enjoys helping men jack off with masturbation instruction. If I can throw some of my personal teasing into it, then all the better!

That’s why I love guided masturbation so much. I can help you jerk off, and I can use plenty of teasing and edging to get you close, so close, to the brink of cumming…and then stop. And I can do this as many times as I please, until you’re begging me to let you get off. That’s the kind of thing that makes guided masturbation so good for you and so much fun for me. 😉

But don’t worry, I’ll let you cum eventually…after we go through all kinds of different masturbation techniques and such. And even though you’ll think that all the teasing is hell while it’s going on, it’ll end in the greatest orgasm you’ve ever had, which will totally make you forgive me for all I put you through before, LOL.

I want to help you jerk off in the way that only I can! So call me, Lesley, now for a hot session of masturbation instruction that’ll knock your socks off!

1-866-678-LEGS (1-866-678-5347)

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