Live Out Your Cuckold Fantasy with Sexy Sadie

Cuckold Trophy Wife Sadie One of my clients was just telling me about a dream he had of his wife last night, and I just had to share! He dreamt that one of their acquaintances was allowed to rub her pussy but not fuck her. It was driving him nuts!! Of course, he later found that she was indeed fucking the guy and he was officially a cuckold. He woke up with a raging hard-on after having watched his wife getting pounded by another man’s cock. He called to have a phone reenactment of his dream to further his cuckold fantasy!

As you know, THIS makes me so very wet. I like to perform for hubby and let him watch and salivate like a pathetic puppy while I fuck a hot stud in every position imaginable. I want him to see that fat cock penetrating my pink pussy. I love for him to see me filled up with sticky cum in preparation for his delicious cream-pie desert. Mmmmm eat up little cuckold slaves! It’s your job!

Call me, Sadie and we’ll live out your cuckold phone sex fantasy. I make a great slut-wife because that’s just what I am. I crave fat dick and I can’t get enough. And you can’t get enough of watching me suck and fuck that dick! What if I were to bring home TWO studs? Big black bull studs! One for my mouth and one for my pussy. You can watch me bouncing back and forth between the two while stroking your insufficient cock with anticipation of the grand finale! Hope you brought your appetite!

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