A Fun Night with Auntie Grace

A Fun Night with Auntie Grace I know all about your dirty little secret. How you lay in bed thinking about how a fun night with your Auntie might be?

Oh, no, don’t try to deny it. It’s quite obvious, really. You can’t hide your lust for your Aunt Grace, so it’s really better not to even try. Besides, if you confess about all these naughty little fantasies you’ve been having featuring me, I might try to see what I can do about making them come true for you.

And while we’re confessing things, I may as well admit that I’ve been teasing you a bit. I like pushing boundaries just to see how far you’ll let me go. Pretty far, it seems.

So, no, it’s not your imagination. I really have been lingering longer than necessary, touching you in “innocent” ways, and wearing clothing that is perhaps more revealing than usual in your presence.

You see, ever since I discovered your attraction to me, I’ve been wanting to seduce you. And it seems I’m doing a pretty good job of it, doesn’t it?

I know what you crave, and I crave the same thing–the very best Auntie role-play I can give you.

My plan to seduce you is moving into its second phase now, which means it’s time for us both to stop playing around. I’m serious about getting you into my bed, and I hope you’re serious about being there. If so, get your phone and call Auntie Grace, the seductive phone sex MILF at the number below and let me show you what a fun night is truly all about.


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Mistress Evelyn Loves Strap-On Sex

Strap-on Sex with Mistress Evelyn

Well, well, well. Look what we have here. It looks like another one of those little submissive strap-on sex sluts who needs a Femdom phone sex Goddess to submit to. Imagine that.

I am not the kind of woman to deny myself the pleasure of putting men into their places just because it happens to be what they want as well. I will do what I like, regardless of how you feel about it. It’s not my problem that you’re such a slut that you enjoy it all.

So now that we’ve both established what we want, I think it’s time to get down to business. You will be serving me and submitting to whatever my deviant, wicked mind decides to put you through. And, naturally, you will not be allowed to orgasm unless I give you express permission–and don’t count on that.

I think we’ll start with some strap-on phone sex, as strap-on sex is one of my favorite things to do to men like you, so it’s little wonder that that’s where I want to begin.

What happens next remains to be seen. There’s a good possibility that it’ll be at least somewhat unpleasant for you, however.

Do you want to submit to a real Mistress, instead of a phone poser? Good. Get your phone and call me, Mistress Evelyn, right now.

Mistress Evelyn

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