Cock Curious with Deviant Deena

Cock Curious with Deviant Deena

Tell me something, dear.    How long have you been harboring these secret cock curious fantasies of yours?

Now, don’t try to play all innocent and confused.   You know exactly what I’m talking about, and it’ll save us a lot of time here if you’re just honest with me.  

I know you’ve been fantasizing about cock for a while, so go ahead and own up to it.

For years, hmm?   I bet you pushed them to the back of your mind, hoping they’d go away.   Then, when they didn’t — and, in fact,   got stronger — you finally just gave in and let them flow freely of their own accord.   Isn’t that right?

But even with all that, I bet you never expected your desire to play with a mature shemale would come true, did you? Lucky, lucky you … it has come true.

I’m Deviant Deena, and I’m here to breathe all your fantasies into life.   I’m the walking, talking culmination of everything you’ve ever dreamed about, so let’s not waste our time talking about things that aren’t important.   

Let’s get down to the important business of making these cock curious fantasies of yours a reality. Call me now for the fetish phone sex fantasy of your dreams.

Deviant Deena
1-866-660-COCK (1-866-660-2625)

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Lingerie Shopping with Isabella

Last night, I took a trip down to my favorite lingerie store and treated myself to five new pairs of stockings. I *love* buying stockings and lingerie, and even more, I love the looks I get from men also shopping in the store. They may be off in the magazine section, or checking out the latest pocket pussy, but I can see them stealing furtive glances at me.

It’s so cute how they try to be discreet, and fail miserably. They’re always gazing at my legs, encased in some type of stockings, and my knee-high boots. I like to tease them; I’ll walk by slowly, gazing directly into their eyes with a knowing smile on my lips.

I may “accidentally” drop one of my items near them, so they will pick it up and try to see what it is before handing it back to me. Maybe it’s sheer, Cuban-heel, thigh highs, or perhaps a fishnet body-stocking with the open crotch. I do love strutting around in my body-stockings.

So what would you say to taking a little trip with me down to that favorite lingerie shop and buying me a few new pairs of stockings? Maybe some teddies too! Call me now and let’s talk about it.

Lingerie shopping with Isabella.


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