Peyton’s Little Dick Gallery of Shame

Peyton's Little Dick Gallery of Shame I have a thing for cocks. And, whatever they tell you to the contrary, girls are very visual creatures. I love the sight of a really luscious dick as it stiffens and unfolds: the way the wrinkles smooth out and the head pops up. I can actually close my eyes and flip through a little mental slideshow of all the best ones I’ve fucked, like a parade of champions. But I can also see all the useless mini pricks, too. The also-rans who came to me for attention, hoping desperately for some kind of rags-to-riches story where the poor, malnourished little vagrant hits it big. Or, you know, the shame shrivelly little loser gets the hot girl.

But I don’t do charity fucks, if you even think I did, shame on you!

I love sex and I’m damn good at it. It would be an injustice to waste myself on someone who can’t hold up his end of the bargain. I have high standards so naturally there has been a long line of rejects. Curious where you’d line up in the ranks?

Little Dick Tip #1: Spend 10 minutes each day trying to stretch your dick. Methods vary and you can call me for specific suggestions. But it’s important that you’re diligent and dedicate yourself to it. Measure yourself after each session to check for improvement. Of course it won’t work. But despair is good for the little dick soul. Call and ask to speak with Peyton now!

1-888-5-Sinful (1-888-574-6385)

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