Roleplay with Auntie Sybil

Well, hello there, gentlemen.   It’s great to see you here on this most breathless of sites today. Let me ask you something.   How do you feel about erotic roleplay?   I ask because I am a big fan myself, you see.   I like to get together with other role-players and see what kinds of exciting fantasies we can think up together.  That’s why I like to throw that out there almost immediately–to find interested parties.

Recently, I’ve been on a kick about Auntie role-play.   Such fantasies can be quite taboo, but not so taboo that they’re a turn-off.

Wouldn’t you like to play the role of the younger nephew while I play the role of the older Aunt?   I know that you’re my brother-in-law’s child and all, but I would have so much fun seducing you and bending you to my will.   I am what they call a cougar, after all….

Does that sound like the kind of roleplay fantasy you could get behind?   If so, I would love to talk to you.  And even if Aunty fantasies aren’t your thing, I’m sure the two of us can come up with something else suitably naughty if you enjoy role-playing.

So what are you waiting for, darling?   Pick up your phone and call your Auntie Sybil right now.

Naughty Roleplay with Auntie Sybil


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