Strict Teacher Fantasies With Nicolette

Hello there, boys. I understand that some of you are interested in strict teacher role-plays and I do hope that is in fact the case because such things are right up my alley, indeed. Because if it’s a soft submissive teacher who will give into your every whim, I am not that teacher.

I do hope that when you say you want a strict teacher, however, that that’s exactly what you mean. I do so love punishing bad boys, and I am actually quite good at it. So don’t disappoint me by saying one thing and expecting something totally different. If you want a strict, no nonsense teacher who will call you out on your bull, then look no further, I am the perfect teacher for you!

We’ll start our fantasy with you stripping your clothes off. Yes, it will be quite embarrassing, but that’s the point. It’s called CFNM humiliation (Clothed Female, Naked Male), and I find it very useful. It strips you of all your defenses and makes you very vulnerable to me.

CFNM also sets the stage nicely for what comes next, which is, of course, a bare-bottomed spanking. You’ve acted badly and practically thrown yourself at me in hopes of being punished, so that will be your punishment.

When I’m finished with you, if I feel you have learned your lesson, I may feel generous and allow you to have the release you so desperately desire. But I am in no way obligated to do this, mind you, so I’m just as likely to leave you aching and wanting. Therefore, it is in your best interest to do everything you can to please and placate me, for I am very demanding.

Ready? Good. Call me, Head Mistress Nicolette, right now.

Strict Teacher Nicolette

1-877-SISSY10 (1-877-747-7910)

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