Worship the Beautiful & Powerful Goddess Athena

That’s right slave. Drop to your knees when you’re in my presence. You will either scoot on your knees, crawl or squirm, but you will never walk upright. You are a man, and men are weak, pathetic slaves born to worship the perfection that is a Goddess. Do you feel small and insignificant yet? You are, you know.

I am every bit as capable in controlling you as a phone domination Mistress as I am capable in my real life. You’ll be amazed at how you want nothing more than to worship and serve me. At times, you’ll wonder how I’m able to control you so easily merely through phone sex. When you wonder I may challenge you to break my hold over you, but you will fail and I will laugh at your pathetic attempt to escape.

You are mine now, slave. You will do as I please. You will worship my body in any way I see fit, and believe me there are many ways to worship my gorgeous body. Of course there are the basics. My delicious toes and feet, my luscious legs, my exquisite ass, my perfect tits and my overall beauty. But you will worship everywhere in between as well, and in ways you never imagined. All the while I will have my way with your body as well. Of course, not in the same manner. Yours will be a course in humiliation, domination, degradation and obedience.

Do you have your phone in hand yet? Call the number below now and ask for Goddess Athena.

Worship the Beautiful & Powerful Goddess Athena


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