Meet Peyton’s Money Pig Tubby

How to explain Tubby and what makes him so utterly delightful?

(Spoiler: It’s the tips. It’s entirely and exclusively the big, fat, ridiculous tips. They are even fatter than he is and that’s saying a *lot* because Tubby is quite the porker.)

Let me be clear: there isn’t an ounce of charm anywhere in his groveling, boot licking, pot-bellied, pussy-free body. If there were, he probably would not have willingly locked his own shriveled docket into a chastity device and then glued it shut. That’s right, the little nutter butter glued it shut.


Tubby does.

But there is one thing Tubby does very, very well. He sure does know how to open up his wallet and dump all his money at my pretty feet. I say a number and he pays it every single time. It’s absolute perfection. He just oinks and pays, oinks and pays.

He spends his days working his chubby fingers to the bone and then spends his evenings finding cocks to suck so he can scrape together a few spare dollars all so he can lavish a little extra money on the hottest women in the whooooollllle world.

That’s right… I said women.

I’ve decided that it’s not enough for him to tribute me. I’m now making him tip my BFF Tara every time he calls, too. And he doesn’t even get to do phone sex with her. It’s goddamn glorious!

I’m also requiring additional entertainment material so you can all enjoy a laugh at his expense, too. Want to see what a truly broken pay piggy looks like? Look, it’s the cum-guzzling sissy who pays for his Mistress Peyton to fuck other men while he can’t even masturbate because he can’t get his hands on his own little nubbin.

Meet Peyton Money Pig Tubby

He’s going to call & tip Tara and I the instant he reads this post, too! I love it! I cannot wait for Tubby to call Peyton Plays Dirty to tell me what delicious tips I have in store!

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