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Meet Peyton’s Money Pig Tubby

Peyton's piggie Tubby

How to explain Tubby and what makes him so utterly delightful? (Spoiler: It’s the tips. It’s entirely and exclusively the big, fat, ridiculous tips. They are even fatter than he is and that’s saying a *lot* because Tubby is quite the porker.) Let me be clear: there isn’t an ounce of charm anywhere in his …

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Financial Domination Mistress Evelyn Blackmails Losers

Mistress Evelyn

Can you tell by the smile on my face how much I enjoy many aspects of separating idiots from their money? It is something I do take great pride and pleasure in. Financial domination is a noble calling for a Mistress. Men who aren’t capable of making decisions (and therefore who must consult a Mistress) …

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