Mar 24 2020

Explore Your Pantyhose Fetish with Isabella

Isabella Loves Pantyhose Fetish Phone Sex I had the hottest pantyhose fetish phonesex call. There I was in a hotel bar, all by my lonesome wearing a tight black dress and super shiny full reinforced pantyhose with a cotton gusset.

And then I saw him. I uncrossed my pantyhose clad legs and flashed him a peek of the cotton gusset of my pantyhose. Worked like a charm and he walked right over. I started to get so wet, I knew right then and there that I was going feel his hard cock on my nylons and that we were going to have hot, wild pantyhose fetish sex.

He teased me, taking the cherry from by drink and running it over my lips, right there in front of everyone. I was so turned on that I started wiggling in my tight shiny hose as my hand ran up his thigh and over his zipper to pull that cock out right there in the bar,

And then my cocktail napkin fell to the floor and I bent over the chair to get it. My round nylon-covered ass was up in the air as he stood up and rubbed his cock over my ass cheeks.

And it got crazy from there…

Do you have a pantyhose fetish? Call me and let’s get off together!

Horny for you,

Miss Isabella

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Mar 05 2020

Shemale Maxi March Madness Treat for You!

I know your secret. I know you’re curious about what is under my skirt. And while that sounds normal for a horny guy, your secret is that you are hoping it’s something you can suck on with a bit more substance. For instance, you want real fulFILLment. HaHa I get it! Well, look no further, because I’m all about filling you up in every way.

Think about it baby, just look at me. No one will know you’re enjoying a stiff COCK-tail after work! I’m beautiful and more than passable as a woman. Most women would be thrilled to look like me, yet I have more to offer your cock-hungry mouth.

I’m a tasty tranny and you won’t be able to get enough. Have you been cock curious for a while now and not known who to tell about it? Shemale phone sex with me is your answer. I have a smooth feminine voice and a rock hard cock. I love giving you a yummy cummy treat and you’ll love gulping it down like a good boy. And I know you want to be lying on your back looking up at my gorgeous tits while I stuff your tight little man pussy.

Call me right away to truly feed your fantasy for hot tranny phone sex. I’m your special lady and our secret is our secret.

1-877-COCKS-10 (1-877-262-5710)

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