Dec 05 2020

Femdom Exploration with Shemale MILF Colleen

Tranny MILF Colleen Sometimes, boys want to be girls. It’s just a fact of life, and there’s nothing wrong with it. And sometimes, girls are simply born in boys’ bodies, which is what happened with me. I’m all woman, despite this big cock between my legs that I know lots of you love. And as such, I can help all you girls-in-boys’-bodies with your feminization process if you’re interested.
Oh, I know you’re interested. That’s what brings you here, after all. So let’s get right on down to it, shall we?

Pretty much any woman who tends toward the feminine end of the spectrum can help you learn to put on makeup and such as that. That’s relatively simple. But it takes a shemale phone sex girl like me to help you with the specific challenges you will face, like how to make your body look more feminine and how to hide your five o’clock shadow. Basically, I come specially trained for the challenges you’ll face.

If you’re willing to listen to my instructions and do your best to follow them, I can turn you into the best woman you can be. But all change must begin on the inside, so you have to decide that this is what you truly want. Then, when you’re ready, you can grab your phone and call Ms. Colleen at the number below.

Ms. Colleen

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Nov 08 2020

The Art of Tease and Denial with Layla

Blue Ball Calls Cocktease Layla There’s a moment when a request becomes a plea, when eagerness morphs into desperation, when the last remnant of dignity dissolves and you’re just a helpless puddle of need. That’s the sweet spot. That’s the moment I relish, because that’s when you truly become mine.

Tease and denial is an art. The young trollops with their lollipops and jean shorts may dabble in it, but they’ve yet to perfect it. I, however, know how to sink a hook into you that sticks around even when I slip out of sight.

There’s a flash of silence and it feels like you’ve been left alone with your own heavy breathing and gnawing hunger. Then my laughter curls around you, lapping at your skin like a flame.

“God, you’re cute when you panic. Yes, I’m still here. Why don’t you show me how grateful you are for my attention and how you’ll do anything for just a little…more?” What are you waiting for, call me?!

1-866-992-BE BLUE (1-866-992-3258)

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