Sep 12 2020

Busty Humiliatrix Mary Jane Degrades Losers

Sissy Mistress MaryJane Men are awfully touchy, aren’t they? They can hardly stand to have anyone call anything they do or any traits they have into question. Their fragile little egos can hardly stand it, even if it is the truth. They want to hide from the truth, no matter what, and they don’t know what to do when a teen phone sex girl like me reveals it to them.

Of course, they eventually learn to get off on having their weaknesses and flaws exposed to them. That’s not to say that they don’t still find it humiliating. But there is something to be said for erotic humiliation….

I get a kick out of laughing at men and shredding their poor egos past the point of ever being whole again. Most men think they’re the center of the universe, and all the rest of us should revolve around them. But I love showing them just exactly why that’s not so. It’s a big shock to some of them!

Small penis humiliation is fun, but it’s not the be-all and end-all of humiliation…at least, not for me. It’s one of the more obvious ways to humiliate a man, but there are so, so, SO many more. Why should I neglect those, simply because they’re a little more obscure?

Nope, guys, if you call Miss Mary Jane for humiliation phone sex, I’m going to do more than just hit the high points. I’ll be delving around in your psyche, humiliating you for everything I find, until you either cum, cry, or both. Hopefully both. So call me if you want an elite humiliation experience!

Mary Jane

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Aug 10 2020

Your Shemale Phone Sex Fantasy with Tranny Roxi

Sexy Shemale Tranny Roxi That’s right boys! I’m your shemale phone sex fantasy! You know you’re cock curious, and I’m just the girlie boy to show you the way. I’ve helped a lot of first time adventurers experience their first tasty cock. I have a wicked imagination to go along with my sexy long legs, perfect tits, long red hair, and large hard cock. What more could you want in a sexy tranny?

Experienced and novice cock-suckers alike will revel in the hot transsexual phone fantasies I have whirling around in my head. Your friends won’t even know that I have something extra to offer, they’ll only know that you’re one lucky SOB to be with such a gorgeous sensual lady. All the while we’ll have our secret sexual pleasures in the bedroom!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to lie on your back while I spread your legs and push my thick cock into your tight little asshole for the first time? I just love to hear you moan and whimper with each pump of my cock! So call me right away. You won’t be sorry!


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