Feb 10 2020

BBC Real Talk with Black Femdom Mz. Trina

Mz, Trina Loves BBC ‘Sup, y’all? This your girl, Mz Trina. How y’all doing today?

I won’t waste any time getting into what I wanna talk to you about. I know we’d both rather be playing than reading (or writing, in my case).

No matter what y’all may say to the contrary, I know how obsessed most of y’all are with the idea of some BBC. (That’s big black cock, for those of y’all who don’t already know.) You think about it a whole lot more than you’d ever want anybody to know.

And that’s why a lot of y’all come to me. You think that I, as a black Femdom, would have the hookup to get you a whole bunch of BBC to suck on. And you know what? You’re right about that. I got friends on top of friends who wanna shove their big black dicks down some little white boys’ throats and make ‘em choke on it.

Have y’all done it before? Well, it really don’t matter either way. If you have, I can just stand back and watch the show. If you haven’t, I can teach you. It’s pretty simple if you really wanna know.

And if you wanna play the whole “Oh, no, Mistress Trina, don’t make me do it!” forced bi game, we can do that, too. All I wanna do is see a dick in your mouth. It don’t matter to me how it got there, LOL.

Y’all ready? Get your phones and call me then!

Mz. Trina
1-877-KINKY 01 (1-877-546-5901)

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Jan 07 2020

Mistress Mia is Here to Squash You in 2020!

Breathless Whispers Mistress Mia Welcome to your fantastical phone sex nightmare!

If you’re not trembling with fear, you soon will be. Approach me naked on your belly like the worm you are. I want to hear your voice quiver in awe at what stands before you when you’re begging for my mercy.

Of course, there is no such thing as mercy with me. You are merely an object with which I like to amuse myself. You are nothing. I will make sure you understand that by the time I’m finished with you.

Just a few of the domination phonesex sessions I adore are:

  • Humiliation
  • Sissification/Forced Feminization
  • Financial Dominaton
  • Cross Dressing & Cosmetics
  • Panty and Sissy Boys
  • Assorted Sex Toys*
    (*Dildos, Strapons, and Butt Plugs for your tight hole)
  • Foot Fetish**/Foot Worship/Foot Slavery
    (**Feet, Shoes and Stockings Worship)
  • Tease and Denial/Orgasm Control/Cock Control/Chastity
  • Ass Training & Stretching
  • Cock and Ball Teasing (CBT)
  • Verbal Abuse & Intense Interrogation
  • Smoking Lessons
  • Face Sitting
  • Whoring for fun and my profit

Whether we play something on my list or yours, one thing is certain. I own you now, and there is no escaping my power.

Mistress Mia

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