May 30 2019

Fetish Freak Soft and All Natural Hairy Cary

Soft and All Natural Hairy CaryDo you have a hairy fetish? Well I am the equivalent of Phonesex comfort food. Starting from my long flowing hair to full pillowy lips, round ample breasts, curvy tummy and hips and finally reaching the thick bushy pussy pelt between my legs. Making love with me will feel like you’re melting into a warm fluffy cloud of bliss. The scent of a mature woman with full natural pussy hair cannot be matched, and the ache my pheromones will induce in your balls will bring you to the edge of ecstasy and beyond. And there’s nothing sexier to me than my bushy pussy covered in your warm cum.

I am an indulgence and I want you to gratify your desires and phone fantasies with me. Let me pamper you with my voluptuous curves. Bury your face in my heavy breasts. Taste the sweet musky juices flowing from my hairy pussy. You will grow to crave mature fetish phone time with me. And when you need to feel that intense joy followed by orgasmic release, you’ll know just whom to call!

Hairy Cary
1-888-8-FREAKS (1-888-837-3257)

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May 07 2019

Feminization Fun with Shemale Wynona

Tranny Goddess Wynona Are you a sissy who’s hoping to take his feminization a step farther? Well, I have a great idea–let me help you out!

Who better than a shemale phone sex girl to help you with that, after all?

One of my favorite parts of helping a sissy during his transition is teaching him all about makeup–how to choose what will look best on him, how to wear it, how to accent his best features, and so on. I love makeup, and I love sharing my tricks with others.

But before we do that, we’ll need to pick some out for you, which is why I’m going to take you to a makeup counter. Sure, I could help you choose something without trying it on, but what’s the fun in that? Getting a makeover is exciting, and you’ll get to see what each thing will look like on your face before you buy it. It’s a win/win situation.

Once we choose a huge palette of stuff for you to bring home, I’ll work with you afterward to teach you how to do all of it yourself. You’ll be looking beautiful in no time!

So if you want to learn more about makeup and how to use it, give me a call!

Wynona {Shemale}
1-877-PANTY10 (1-877-726-8910)

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