Jan 25 2019

Fantasy PhoneSex with Shemale Lola!

T-girl Phone Slut Lola That’s right boys! I’m your shemale phone sex fantasy! You know you’re cock curious, and I’m just the girlie boy to show you the way. I’ve helped a lot of first time adventurers experience their first tasty cock. I have a wicked imagination to go along with my sexy long legs, perfect tits, long dark hair, and large hard cock. What more could you want in a sexy tranny?

Experienced and novice cock-suckers alike will revel in the hot transsexual fantasies I have whirling around in my head. Your friends won’t even know that I have something extra to offer! They’ll only know that you’re one lucky SOB to be with such a gorgeous sensual lady. All the while we’ll have our secret “anything goes” sexual pleasures in the bedroom!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to lie on your back while I spread your legs and push my thick cock into your tight little asshole for the first time? I just love to hear you moan and whimper with each pump of my cock! So call me right away. You won’t be sorry!


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Jan 05 2019

Mistress Samantha Locks Your Cock Up for 2019!

Femdom Mistress Samantha If there is one thing I’ve learned is that men are silly creatures. All it takes is a little cock control, and they’re putty in your hands. I wouldn’t have them any other way, though, because it makes them terribly easy to manipulate.

You see, a lot of them make the mistake of thinking that just because they submit to me, they are entitled to an orgasm. Well, I hate to tell you this, boys, but it doesn’t work that way in My world. Orgasms aren’t given through the barter system here. They are either earned or given to you on one of my whims.

Most men learn this relatively quickly. For those who don’t, however, there is always male chastity to put them in the correct frame of mind. They have to learn that their cocks aren’t theirs to do what they like with anymore once they submit to me. I will quickly stamp out any entitled or otherwise poor attitudes in my slaves, even if it takes locking their cocks up in chastity devices indefinitely to do it.

On the other hand, some men legitimately enjoy chastity. I am always willing to be a Femdom keyholder for a slave who knows that he will serve me better as a chaste slave.

Curious? Call Me now to learn more.

Mistress Samantha
1-877-KINKY 01 (1-877-546-5901)

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