SSBBW Phone sex with Piggy Patsy

SSBBW phone sex Piggy Patsy

I just had some SERIOUS fun with a SSBBW phone sex feeder who wanted to hear me oink like a piggy on the phone. He fed me pizza, hamburgers, cupcakes, potato chips and chocolate candy bars. YUMMY! His dick got so hard as I described to him how I was gobbling it all up. And of course he liked to hear me talk and oink with my mouth full of delicious goodness. I mean seriously it was heaven on earth with just a single phone call!

When he felt I was fat enough for him, my little SSBBW phone sex lover decided it was time to watch his hard cock disappear into the depths of my fat and juicy pussy! While he fucked me, we made sure all of my voluptuous rolls were moving in waves and with the rhythm of my pounding. I even opened my mouth wide so he could drizzle some delicious chocolate syrup into my mouth and onto my enormous tits.

Do you like fatties? Seriously, no one but you and I will ever know and you know you want to try it! Heehee… Give me a call and just ask for Piggy Patsy!

Passionate Plumps
1-888-PLUMP-79 (758-6779)

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Sensual Femdom with Mistress Mia

Sensual Femdom with Mistress Mia Hello, my dears. I am Mistress Mia, your sensual Femdom. How are all of you doing today? Well, I hope and ready too explore the unknown with your Mistress?

I’m doing well, thank you for asking. Of course, I’d be much better if I had you right here with me, but I think we can make that happen soon. Don’t you think? I know that is exactly what you’re thinking as well.

I often have men ask me what turns me on, and the truth is that there’s very little that doesn’t turn me on in some way. But I suppose if we’re discussing favorites, I’d be remiss in not mentioning my love of body worship.

Many people think that only sweet young things’ bodies are worth worshiping, but my darling boys and I know better. All women’s bodies are worthy of worship, and older ladies’ even more so.

Every inch of my body holds an age’s worth of experience, and it should be adored merely for that. Not to mention the fact that my body is very, very sexy still, at my age.

Do you enjoy sensual femdom and body worship with older women like me? If so, give me a call.

Mistress Mia
1-866-660-HOTT (1-866-660-4688)

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